Build Generational Wealth Through Real Estate Investing... On The Blockchain.

Owning United States Property Coin (USPC) means being a fractional owner of a real-world, income-producing property portfolio. Enter your email below to join our pre-launch waitlist!

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The future of real estate investing is on the blockchain – and USPC is already there.

USPC is an asset-backed security token. It utilizes the ERC1400 token standard, which is an institutional-grade blockchain solution designed specifically to enable maximum compliance with current regulations regarding the issuance of digital securities. USPC combines modern technology with a proven investment method to make preserving cash in real estate more accessible than ever before.

Hedge Against Inflation & Market Volatility

The value of real estate tends to appreciate over time. It has been one of the best inflation hedges in history, providing long-term portfolio stability.

Stable, Reliable, & Transparent

Real estate’s reliability as a guard against inflation gives investors piece of mind as they enjoy the risk-adjusted returns of the property market. 

An Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency

With income-producing property underlying it, USPC is classified as a digital security that is subject to federal and state regulations.

Financial Growth Opportunity

As USPC holds and acquires real estate assets, the project benefits from long-term appreciation as well as from monthly rental income.

A long-term investment strategy that favors stability over speculative, short-term growth.

By following a strict acquisition strategy that favors stability over speculative short-term growth, USPC aims to provide our token holders with a more predictable and consistent return profile. Our focus on Core and Core-Plus multifamily properties in key growth markets & locations will help to minimize risk and maximize value for our investors.

Discover USPC's seed asset: a $10M luxury multifamily property in Venice Beach, California.

This seed asset will be the first of many properties to be securitized and have their value distributed on the blockchain using the USPC token.

property owned by USPC

Vistas Duales Cielos

Just 5 minutes away from Abbot Kinney and the shores of Venice Beach, Vistas Duales Del Cielo embodies the luxury beach lifestyle of Southern California.

Project Roadmap

If you’re curious about where USPC is headed, take a look at our project roadmap below.




Rapid Growth

Project Maturity

Project Roadmap

If you’re curious about where USPC is headed, take a look at our roadmap below.




Rapid Growth

Project Maturity

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