The USPC Investor Portal & STO Are Now Live!


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What Is USPC?Curious about what USPC is and how it works? Discover our project, and find out what USPC means for the future of investing in real estate and storing value on the blockchain.
How It WorksLearn more about the process of buying USPC, as well as what owning USPC will allow you to do by reading our "How It Works" documentation.
Acquisition StrategyLearn more about USPC's plans for acquiring more income-producing properties in Core and Core-Plus markets across the U.S.
Project RoadmapGet an overview of our priorities and what the USPC team will be working on next by reading through our project roadmap.
Token StructureLearn more about how the USPC token is structured, when new USPC are minted, how the DAO will impact USPC, and our commitment to transparency.
WhitepaperRead the USPC whitepaper to learn more about out exact plan, vision for the future, and tokenomics of the USPC security token.

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USPC Now Live On DigiFinex!

We’re excited to announce that USPC is now live on the DigiFinex exchange. This is an important milestone for USPC as it marks our first listing on any crypto exchange. This also represents a major victory for tokenized real estate, as it demonstrates the potential for decentralized real estate investing!

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USPC is slated to launch in late March, 2023, and we’re currently building our waiting list for early supporters who want to get in on the action.

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