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is USPC a stablecoin

Is USPC a Stablecoin?

United States Property Coin (USPC) shares some similarities with stablecoins, as it is backed by a portfolio of real-world assets. However, it is not a stablecoin because its price fluctuates and it falls under the category of security tokens.
USPC Team1 year ago
benefits of blockchain technology security tokens USPC

How Can Blockchain Make Securities More Liquid Through Tokenization?

Tokenization boosts liquidity for physical assets like real estate and art, transforming them into tradeable, blockchain-based tokens.
USPC Team1 year ago
security tokens in 2023

5 Reasons Why Crypto Investors Should Pay Attention to Security Tokens

Security tokens offer crypto investors diversification, regulatory clarity, and more predictable returns. Major financial institutions anticipate tokenization as a key trend in finance.
USPC Team1 year ago

Decentralization and Its Implications for Tomorrow’s Investors

Explore DeFi's impact on investing: revolutionizing opportunities, enabling P2P trading, lending, borrowing & fractional ownership. Transforming real estate & complementing traditional finance.
USPC Team1 year ago

The Transformative Potential of Blockchain Tokenization in Real Estate Investing

Unlock real estate investing with blockchain-powered tokenized assets, offering liquidity, transparency, inflation protection, and global access.
USPC Team1 year ago

The UPSC Investor Portal & STO Is Live!

2022 has been an exciting year for us, and for the tokenization of real-world assets as a whole. 2023 is shaping up to be an even more spectacular year for both USPC, and the tokenization industry as a whole.
USPC Team1 year ago

The Benefits of Implementing KYC & AML Measures for Crypto Transactions

To increase the trustworthiness of cryptocurrency, major stakeholders in the industry have taken steps toward establishing a regulatory framework. Through this initiative, they seek to legitimize virtual currencies and assure investors that their capital is well-protected.
USPC Team1 year ago


Spoiler: USPC is not an NFT, but a security token. Let us define each category of tokens and see how they differ to understand the main aspects of USPC.
USPC Team2 years ago

What Industries Will Blockchain Disrupt?

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize numerous industries - from finance to entertainment and beyond.
USPC Team2 years ago

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USPC Now Live On DigiFinex!

We’re excited to announce that USPC is now live on the DigiFinex exchange. This is an important milestone for USPC as it marks our first listing on any crypto exchange. This also represents a major victory for tokenized real estate, as it demonstrates the potential for decentralized real estate investing!

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USPC is slated to launch in late March, 2023, and we’re currently building our waiting list for early supporters who want to get in on the action.

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