NOTICE: As a security token, offerings of USPC must comply with US Federal securities laws.
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using crypto smart contracts to buy real estate

What Is A Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts have been utilized heavily by a multitude of different blockchain networks. In fact, some of the largest projects in terms of market capitalization, which have paved the way for Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
USPC Team3 weeks ago
invest in real estate with cryptocurrency

Invest In Real Estate With Crypto: Introducing USPC

USPC is a digital security token allowing investors to invest in real estate at much lower prices using crypto. USPC uses a fractional ownership model, which is excellent for low-cost real estate investing.
USPC Team4 weeks ago
defining smart contracts

Exploring Smart Contracts: What, How, & Why?

To truly understand what smart contracts are, how they work, and why they were introduced in the first place, today, we will be jumping into just about everything you need to know surrounding smart contracts.
USPC Team4 weeks ago
stablecoins vs security tokens what is the difference united states property coin logo

Stablecoins Vs Asset-Backed Security Tokens

Stablecoins and security tokens combine the features of blockchain with the attributes of traditional assets. But sometimes, it can be hard to tell the two types of digital currencies apart. Let's set the records straight...
USPC Team1 month ago
real estate investors discussing investment

Does Owning USPC Make You A Landlord?

Owning USPC means you benefit from long-term appreciation, rental income, and a hedge against inflation. But, does all of this make you, technically... a landlord?
USPC Team1 month ago
blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency VS. Blockchain Technology

A cryptocurrency is essentially the digital currency that is used as a volume of exchange or for a variety of different use cases within the blockchain, while the blockchain is the technology itself.
USPC Team1 month ago
Johnney Zhang USPC United States Property Coin

United States Property Coin Has Acquired a $10 Million Luxury Property in Venice Beach as Its First Seed Asset

United States Property Coin (USPC), a unique new cryptocurrency that is backed by income-producing real estate in the United States, has acquired a $10 million luxury multifamily property in Venice Beach, California as its first seed asset.
USPC Team1 month ago
johnney zhang united states property coin featured image

Johnney Zhang Set to Launch a Unique Asset-Backed Security Token USPC in the US

Johnney Zhang is a real estate veteran and is among the few early crypto adopters who believed in the future growth of the cryptocurrency market during its infancy.
USPC Team1 month ago
uspc united states property coin security token myths tokenized real estate

The Top 5 Myths About Security Tokens

It’s ok to not understand – just don’t misunderstand.
USPC Team1 month ago

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