Invest In Real Estate With Crypto: Introducing USPC

USPC is a digital security token allowing investors to invest in real estate at much lower prices using crypto. USPC uses a fractional ownership model, which is excellent for low-cost real estate investing.

invest in real estate with cryptocurrency

Real estate is one of the most valuable investment vehicles in the world, with a total asset value of more than $326.5 trillion. This is greater than the value of all the stocks, shares, and bonds in the world combined.

There’s only one problem with real estate investing—it isn’t cheap. Take the housing market, for instance. Prices smashed past the 400k mark, the highest it has ever been. Although housing prices are cooling, they are still out of the reach of most investors.

Thankfully, there’s a solution at hand: United States Property Coin (USPC). USPC is a digital security token allowing investors to invest in real estate at much lower prices. USPC uses a fractional ownership model, which is excellent for low-cost investing.

This article explains how United States Property Coin (USPC) is making real estate investing accessible to most people. But first…

What is USPC?

United States Property Coin (USPC) is a security token backed by real estate assets in high-demand areas of the United States. It uses institutional-grade blockchain technology that meets the requirements of existing securities law and regulation.

USPC blends innovative technology with a time-tested investing strategy to make the potential of real estate’s return on investment more accessible.

Primior, a major real estate investment, development, and management corporation in Southern California, backs USPC. The main objective and vision of USPC is to offer investors a more liquid, asset-backed, transparent alternative to stablecoins and a superior store of value.

Accredited U.S. investors and foreign investors may use USPC as a safe way to store capital because an entrepreneur will retain fractional ownership in a portfolio of real estate assets expected to generate income and increase in value over time.

How does USPC work?

Blockchain refers to a distributed database that acts as a digital ledger of security tokens. USPC is a security token that registers your right to a part of its real estate portfolio.

The blockchain network keeps a record of the real estate tokens, instantly validating, synchronizing, and sharing with all participants. This creates a transparent, immutable, and verifiably correct public record of all tokenized property transactions.

USPC token holders get a share in a portfolio of real estate properties located in major US cities with a strong demand for housing. To achieve this, USPC creates a digital currency backed by a pooled ownership interest in real estate assets and offers it to investors via a security token offering (STO).

Unlike other cryptocurrencies backed by real estate, USPC securitizes a portfolio of assets instead of individual properties. Investors in this token also get paid dividends in USPC rather than USD.

How USPC makes real estate more accessible:

By bringing together real estate investing and cryptocurrency, USPC is revolutionizing both the real estate industry and the cryptocurrency industry. USPC introduces blockchain technology to the property market by offering fractional ownership of real estate assets in high-demand locations across the United States. Here are some ways USPC increases the accessibility of the real estate industry:

Lower barrier to entry into the real estate market…

USPC lowers the barrier to entry into the real estate market for beginner investors, making it possible for them to purchase fractions of more significant properties. By creating many tokens for a single property, multiple investors can share the ownership of the property.

Conventional real estate investments usually demand far more funds upfront. With USPC, you can still take advantage of the potentially significant returns.

Post management, transparency, and security…

Selling a property to another party in traditional real estate usually involves lengthy paperwork. The documentation is a slow process that goes through the government bureaucracy. However, exchanging tokens between any two users on the blockchain is a lightning-fast operation that can occur in any country.

Compared to the time-consuming and cumbersome method of dealing with paper documents, USPC affords investors a more pleasant post-issuance management experience. Blockchain allows investors to permanently store information like contracts, documents, and the company’s cap table.

The blockchain stores all the necessary information related to the token and is accessible to anybody with a stake at any time. In practical terms, this streamlines the settlement process and mitigates the perils of storing paperwork.

Inflation hedge…

USPC aspires to emerge unparalleled in terms of value preservation. The developers of USPC envisioned it as the silver bullet to the volatility of the dollar-backed stablecoins, utility tokens, and algorithmic-backed coins by backing it with real estate assets in major urban markets across the US.

The security token would gain from the immediate cash flow and the long-term investment appreciation of real estate in the US. If anything, the real estate industry has proven its worth over the years, registering steady growth.

The combination of a stable income stream, the long-term value of US real estate, and the everyday peer-to-peer rapid exchange network created by blockchain technology positions USPC as a viable store of value.

Liquidity enablement…

Traditional real estate has always been a low-liquidity investment. Costs typically run high due to the number of people and the documentation involved; it involves more individuals than businesses.

Using blockchain technology, you can transfer tokens quickly, safely, and with no third parties involved. That empowers you to diversify your portfolios faster, reduce risk exposure, and increase your real estate market liquidity.

Reduced transaction costs…

Blockchain technology simplifies investment transactions while reducing transaction costs due to its automated processes and permanent, unchangeable digital record. You could also potentially get higher profits since you can complete investment transactions more quickly and at reduced costs to all parties.

While REITs offer a comparable value proposition, they demand a significant initial commitment and various up-front fees.

When you invest in USPC, you can monitor capitalization tables in real time, as it offers a convenient investment platform where you can track your investment.

No management hassle…

While you will technically become a landlord thanks to your fractional ownership of USPC’s diverse real estate portfolio, you don’t suffer from the downsides of being a landlord. In reality, you don’t have to worry about property management.

Once you purchase the USPC token, our management team of experienced professionals with a track record of managing high-income real estate will do the management for you. USPC investors don’t have to contend with managing tenants or the hassle of maintaining a property.

Proof of ownership…

The real estate industry has its fair share of property rights and ownership conflicts. Such issues will drain your resources and time as you resolve them.

Not so with USPC entrepreneurs. USPC secures data storage in blockchain ledgers, making it inaccessible to outside parties. That means no one can dispute your fractional ownership of the portfolio of real estate properties. However, you may look at past and present transactions if you become a USPC investor.

Diversification and increased market access…

Real estate investing is a competitive field, and only those with the necessary expertise and resources may participate. But USPC tends to expand the pool of investors so that anyone with access to the internet and sufficient funds can buy, trade, or keep real estate assets regardless of their physical location.

USPC opens up a world of possibilities for investors by giving them entry to various properties in various prime locations. Investors can diversify their portfolios as the USPCs portfolio of assets contain investments in several real estate forms, including commercial, hospitality, and multifamily units.

Diversifying investment portfolios across many locations also increases your financial safety net by providing exposure to different economic growth factors.

USPC makes the prospect of commercial real estate investments in many different cities and countries a reality. You don’t need to be near a property to buy tokens for it once you become a USPC investor.

In traditional real estate, the investor had to be physically within the country before acquiring property. Anyone with a computer and access to the internet can use blockchain.

Why USPC is the Future of Real Estate Investing:

Of the $16.4 billion invested in security tokens, real estate investments accounted for about 1.2% of that total. Even though it may not seem like much right now, this is the fastest-growing sector of the security token market and therefore warrants particular attention.

Regarding property investments, USPC is the cryptocurrency of the future. Instead of being backed by a volatile fiat currency, it draws its backing from the steadily appreciating value of a large urban real estate in the US.

Initially, Primior will mint a single USPC for every dollar raised. And, while we encourage investors to seek their own financial advice, we expect the value of the USPC to grow as its pegged to an underlying real estate portfolio – and remember, the real estate industry has registered a 5.32% yearly growth from March 1992 till March 2022.

Bottom line…

As far as investing in income-generating properties on the blockchain, United States Property Coin (USPC) is a game-changer. Token holders will have a stake in a broad portfolio of multifamily housing developments, healthcare institutions, and hospitality properties across major cities in the US.

There are many benefits to using USPC, including pegging its value in an asset with a long history of year-on-year growth. Further, even if you are technically a landlord when you own USPC, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the property, managing tenants, or rent collection.

USPC is charting new territory, allowing a new generation of investors to try their hand at real estate investing without the shackles of high barriers to entry. USPC is making real estate investment more accessible through blockchain technology.

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invest in real estate with cryptocurrency

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