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Real Estate

Real Estate

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should you buy real estate in 2022 USPC buy the dip

2022 Real Estate Market Trends: Should You Buy The Dip?

Here is a look at the 2022 real estate market trends and all you need to know about the dip and whether you should buy it.
USPC Team5 days ago
Is USPC a reit?


USPC is not a REIT, although it has some features in common. Both USPC and REITs are viable real estate investments providing dividends for their investors, a hedge against inflation, and are highly liquid.
USPC Team1 week ago
crypto vs real estate investing

Investing In Real Estate Vs. Investing In Crypto

Given a choice between these two, which investment option should you choose? That's what we aim to explore in this article.
USPC Team1 week ago
accessible real estate investing with crypto USPC

Accessible Real Estate Investing With USPC

USPC is charting new territory, allowing a new generation of investors to try their hand at real estate investing without the shackles of high barriers to entry. USPC is making real estate investment more accessible through blockchain technology.
USPC Team1 week ago
property owned by USPC

Johnney Zhang’s Top Tips For Pro Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate is not as easy as it seems, so here are some top tips on pro real estate investing from the CEO of Pirmior, a leading luxury real estate development and asset management firm.
USPC Team3 weeks ago
invest in real estate with cryptocurrency

Invest In Real Estate With Crypto: Introducing USPC

USPC is a digital security token allowing investors to invest in real estate at much lower prices using crypto. USPC uses a fractional ownership model, which is excellent for low-cost real estate investing.
USPC Team4 weeks ago
real estate investors discussing investment

Does Owning USPC Make You A Landlord?

Owning USPC means you benefit from long-term appreciation, rental income, and a hedge against inflation. But, does all of this make you, technically... a landlord?
USPC Team1 month ago
investor looking at commercial properties

What are some of the unique characteristics of commercial property?

Commercial property is developed so that businesses can be operated from the resulting space.
USPC Team2 months ago
smart city with commercial buildings

What do you really know about commercial property?

Just what is commercial property and what do these terms really mean? And what are some of the other important terms which are used when talking about this major sector of the real estate market?
USPC Team2 months ago

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